Cruise/Hose Boats/River Cruise:
A cruise offers unmatched variety, convenience, and fun. Plus, it's more affordable than many land-based vacations. Cruises enable you to visit multiple locations for one low price, without the hassle of coordinating travel details. Your vacation begins the moment you step onboard. And now, many cruises are just a short drive or flight away.

What's Included:   What's Not Included:
Stateroom or suite accommodations Gratuities
Ocean transportation Spa treatments
Gourmet dining Alcoholic beverages
Supervised kids' programs Casino gambling
Vegas- or Broadway-style shows Shopping
Entry to nightclubs, piano bars, and more Organized tours & activities onshore
Activities like yoga & basketball Babysitting
Gym, pool & hot tubs Nominal fees at some restaurants

Our Major Cruise Operators

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House Boat:

Kettuvallams:- equipped with all modern facilities and requirements are called Houseboats. The house boats have fully furnished single double triple and five bedrooms with sundeck and Air condition facilities, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet with WC. In addition there is also separate rest room.  The boat has solar lamps and fans. Without experiencing and enjoying a houseboat cruise, the trip to Kerala will not be a complete one.

Backwater Cruise: The boat moves by an outboard engine of 25 HP (which does not make much noise), reroute visiting villages to see coir making, local tea shops, paddy fields, temples, beaches etc. till sunset. At night the boat is anchored at a beautiful and quiet part of the lake.
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River Cruise:        
Our River Cruises offer the chance to relax on board a superb ship and explore some of the world’s finest waterways. There's no better way to get to the heart of a region's history, culture and attractions than by river cruise. We represent all major river cruise operators, and we're able to secure every discount and special promotion available and we'll help you find the perfect river cruise at the lowest possible price!

Great Value, fantastic service and the best of Company…
Whichever cruise you choose, one thing's for sure - you're guaranteed a great value holiday, with all meals and on-board entertainment included in the price.  On board your comfortable, friendly ship, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere, with new friends to share your experiences and attentive staff who'll get to know you by name - and for whom nothing's too much trouble.  Plus, some river cruises even have shore excursions included in the price

Rivers of the UK, Europe & Beyond...
Our cruises travel on some of the world's most picturesque waterways, and our smaller ships can get you closer to your port of call.  You'll get to see places that would otherwise be inaccessible - it's a great way to explore.

Why not take in beautiful Britain with a cruise through the Highlands on Scotland's lochs?  See ever-changing scenery along the Rhine and Moselle.  Experience the diverse sights along the Danube, or enjoy Holland in bloom in the springtime.
If you like the easy life, you're definitely looking in the right place.  We've thought of everything to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, so you can enjoy taking in the picture-postcard scenery in a relaxed and tranquil state of mind.
On board our stylish, comfortable ships you'll find friendly staffs, who are always happy to help, delicious meals, cozy bars and, after a day of fascinating sightseeing, a well-equipped en suite cabin - with a river view guaranteed.

Fantastic new destinations just waiting to be explored
Why not discover Bordeaux, a city of art, history, fine architecture and, of course, the famous wines for which the area is renowned?  Or how about a cruise in Croatia, taking in diverse scenery and places of interest as you sail along the Adriatic coast?  There's also the chance to explore the fascinating cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia from the Mekong - a truly unforgettable experience.
Some of our River Cruise Itineraries:


  • Central & Eastern Europe: Take in Europe’s most splendid scenery.
  • Historic Capitals of the Danube.
  • German Waterways: Rhine & Moselle Valley Cruise.
  • French Waterways: France River Cruises.
  • Italian Waterways: Italian River Cruises. 
  • Athens (Greece) - Italy - Barcelona (Spain)
  • Dutch Waterways: Holland River Cruises.
  • Russia Imperial Waterways: Sail through the waterways of Russia.
  • Far East - Singapore - Malaysia- Vietnam- Thailand
  • Middle East & Gulf

China, Egypt and Beyond

  • Classic Nile Cruise
  • China: A Phenomenal tour and cruise bringing to life China’s key sights.

Festive River Cruises
Special Departures for Christmas & New Year.
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About Cruising – Advice

Stateroom Selection

  • Always check pricing for higher stateroom categories and compare – the difference in price can be surprisingly small, but moving up can have a huge impact on your vacation experience.
  • When selecting your stateroom, you should think about more than just deck level – consider its proximity to elevators, restaurants, pools, and the spa.
  • How important is the view? If you wouldn't stay in a room without a view at an island resort, then make an ocean view the minimum stateroom category you consider on your cruise.
  • Considering a balcony stateroom? No matter where you cruise, benefits include private sunbathing, room service dining under the stars, breathtaking views, and convenient photo opportunities both in port and at sea.
  • Balcony staterooms – the ideal choice for viewing the rugged Alaskan coastline, lush Caribbean Islands, and the beauty of Europe. Roll out of bed, smell the ocean air, sit back, and watch the world unfold!

Life Onboard

    • Planning to enjoy the spa while you cruise? Once onboard, make the spa your first stop to get the best selection of appointment times and treatments.
    • Looking for spa discounts? Select treatments are often discounted on the days the ship is in port.
    • Write down your stateroom number in a few places and keep it with you, especially on the first day or two of your cruise.
    • Many ships have very flexible dining options – make sure you know the available choices and visit the maitre d' early to inquire about recommendations and reservations.
    • Cash is not accepted onboard, except in the casino. Plan ahead – choose the credit card you'll use, or set aside an adequate amount of cash to set up your onboard account.
    • Every evening, a newsletter detailing the next day's special activities will be delivered to you. Join in the fun, make your own adventures, or just relax by the pool!
    • Most ships offer a captain's cocktail party on formal night. Photos with the captain – and free champagne – often make for a memorable evening!

Adventures Ashore

    • Before you travel, do a little reading about the destinations you'll visit to get an idea of the local activities you might want to try.
    • Planning on booking any shore excursions? If you know exactly what you want, save time and money by reserving them in advance with Cruises only. Or, make the shore tours desk your first stop once you get onboard so you can ask for recommendations and make sure your favorite options don't sell out without your name reserved.
    • If you dine early, try to book the earliest excursion times so there's no need to rush to dinner later. Remember – room service is always an option, too!
    • If your tour gets back early, consider returning to the ship to enjoy all the onboard amenities while most of your fellow passengers are still ashore.
    • Be sure to bring proper shoes and clothing for the various types of excursions you’re interested in. Sneakers, water shoes, hats and visors, a water bottle with carry strap ...

Planning & Packing

  •  The photographers onboard offer a very affordable way to get a family portrait taken. Make the portrait more personal – pack a special outfit or any fun family "props" you might want included in the photo, such as a picture of the family dog or your son's soccer ball.
  •  The little things we often forget can be harder to come by onboard – and more expensive than at home. Make a packing list, and check things off as you go.
  •  Why wait for luggage delivery? If you bring a well-packed carry-on bag, then the fun can start the moment you step aboard. With a bathing suit, sandals, and sunscreen handy, you can head straight to the pool!
  •  Planning lots of excursions and sports activities? Be sure to pack the right shoes and sportswear for your adventures! And remember – most ships have fitness centers, so you keep your workout routine at sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cruise line should I choose?
Choosing a cruise line is a personal choice that will depend on your lifestyle, tastes and budget. Take time to understand your options. Browse our website and do some research. Ask your friends and family. If you’re still unsure, one of our expert Vacation Consultants would be happy to narrow down the options for you

What's the best time to take a cruise?
It depends on where you'd like to go. The Caribbean is awesome year round. Some of the more exotic destinations are seasonal. For example, you can only cruise to Alaska between May and September, to Europe between April and November, to Bermuda between April and October, and the Panama Canal, between September and April.

When is the most affordable time to take a cruise?
Cruises are like any other product, prices depend on supply and demand. The more popular dates, ships and cabins are priced higher and sell out faster. The less flexible you are, the farther ahead you should book. If price is your main priority then sail between September and December (excluding holiday weeks). Typically during school vacations when families travel it’s a bit more expensive.
What should I wear?
Consider your ship's itinerary when deciding what to pack. For a typical Caribbean cruise, you'll want to take shorts, skirts or sundresses, pants, blouses, t-shirts, knit tops or polo shirts, and a bathing suit. For cooler days or evenings, pack a sweater or lightweight windbreaker. For Alaska cruises, sweaters, raincoats, and a fleece are also suggested. Bring a pair of sneakers or rubber-soled shoes for deck sports and a swimsuit cover-up for cool areas on the ship. Keep in mind that when visiting some countries or participating in shore excursions to shrines or religious sites, a more conservative dress code may be in order. Most cruises will have at least one formal night for dinner. Women generally wear cocktail dresses or gowns, while men can wear a dark suit and tie. Many ships also offer tuxedo rentals. For casual or semi-formal nights, sport shirts and slacks or button-down shirts and sport coats work for men, while women can wear a dress, pantsuit, or slacks and top.

If I'm on the bottom deck, am I below water?
All passenger staterooms are located well above sea level.

How much money should I bring?
In port and on the ship, you will have many opportunities to enjoy duty free shopping. Depending on your itinerary, there may be a limit to the amount of duty-free merchandise allowed per guest. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, so you will not have to bring much cash (except for some shore side purchases). In fact, it is strongly recommended that you bring a credit card, since it will make your onboard registration very quick and easy. For non-credit card purchases, we encourage you to bring traveler's checks.

If I don't purchase airfare through the cruise line, how can I get to the ship from the airport?
Many cruise lines offer transportation from the airport to the pier for their guests. The cost for this service varies, and in most cases, may be paid in advance. Reservations for this service are typically accepted up until approximately 3 weeks prior to your departure, and you may often choose a one way or round trip service. The cruise line will need to know your flight itinerary at the time of purchase so that they may coordinate the transfer service. If purchasing the transfers in advance is not an option, you may typically purchase them at the airport on the day of the cruise's departure. To do this, proceed to the baggage claim area and see the cruise line's representative to inquire about being added to their transfer manifest. Guests who do not purchase the transfer service through the cruise line are responsible for their own transportation to and from the pier.

Will my infant be charged the full cruise fare?
Usually yes, because cruise lines base their rates on the number of passengers in a stateroom rather than on the age of the passenger, infants are usually charged the full cruise fare. There are a few cruise lines that may only charge port taxes and government fees for infants under a certain age; however this is not the norm throughout the cruise industry.

If I'm on the bottom deck, am I below water?
Nope, all passenger staterooms are located above sea level.
What is a fuel surcharge?
Due to the nature of travel, fuel, service fees, energy and/or security surcharges may be assessed. In some cases, these may be collected in advance. We will do everything possible to get your tickets at the lowest price. However, we cannot be responsible for vendor surcharges.

What is the average age group?
Typically, on any cruise, you will find a mix of all age groups. While the demographic will potentially vary with each sailing, there are some general patterns. Carnival Cruise Line generally caters to a younger crowd. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruise Line will attract a slightly older group, while on Crystal Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line and Holland America Line you will find a more mature clientele. Keep in mind that the above information involves rough averages.

How will I know when my final payment is due?
Your emailed invoice confirmation will advise when your final payment is due. In addition, you will receive a final payment reminder approximately 10 days before the final payment date. Please keep in mind that, while we make every effort to provide payment reminders as a courtesy, it is ultimately the passenger's responsibility to ensure that their reservation is paid in full by the due date. In all cases, the cruise lines reserve the right to cancel any reservation that has not been paid in full by the specified date. To insure accuracy, privacy and security final payments should be made on our website by clicking on the Cruise Customer Service button at the bottom of the cruise homepage.

Why do I have to submit a medical release form for diabetes, I'm bringing my own insulin, etc.?
The cruise lines require all guests with special medical needs to submit this information to them prior to travel. This is to ensure that they have the necessary information to give you the proper care in the event of an emergency. Passengers who carry syringes for medical use must also carry a letter from their physicians indicating this.

What types of activities can we expect once we get there?
Activities and entertainment will vary depending on the destination and cruise line. Many cruise lines offer a variety of activities and entertainment onboard. Shore excursions and land tours may also be run by independent companies, at an additional cost to passengers. Information pertaining to the shore excursions and land tours, if available, may be found at the ship's excursion desk.

Can I fly the night before sailing?
Most cruise lines offer pre-night packages that you can purchase at an additional cost. The space is limited for these, so it is best to book them early. Should you not be able to book a pre-night through the cruise line, you may also reserve a room on your own and customize your flight schedule with an Air Deviation. There is a non-refundable fee to do this, in addition to any increased airfare cost. Purchasing a pre-night benefits you since it will provide you with extra time to make it to the cruise if you experience flight delays or inclement weather.

What is an Air Deviation, and what is the benefit of purchasing one?
An Air Deviation, also referred to as customizing your flights, allows you to request specific dates, times, airlines, air cities, or nonstop flights. The cruise lines charge $35-$75 per person, plus any additional airfare costs to make this request. The benefit of an Air Deviation is that it confirms you on a preferred flight schedule. Without an air deviation, we are unable to guarantee specific flight times, schedules, or nonstop flights. In addition, if people from two or more staterooms are traveling together, we are unable to guarantee that they will all share the same flight schedule unless an Air Deviation is requested. Also, without an Air Deviation, you will not know your flight schedule until approximately 21-30 days prior to your departure.

What are the taxes and port charges?
The port charges include taxes and fees assessed by governmental and other agencies, costs incidental to entering and leaving ports such as pilotage, costs incurred while in port such as stevedoring, waste removal, and payroll for port-related functions. Taxes associated with flights, if you have purchased any, would also be included.

Can additional passengers be added to a reservation after payment has been applied?
While it is possible to add an extra person, however, all rates are based on the present occupancy and availability. Provided the room permits this, your present rate could be subject to change. The person you are adding could pay a different rate as well, and there may be change fees involved. In addition, in some cases, changes may not be permitted, particularly in the case of cruises where they sometimes reach their maximum passenger capacity.

Why is it so expensive for one person to go alone?
Hotels and cruise lines base their rates on double occupancy. Therefore, when traveling alone, you will be charged a supplemental fee. This only applies to the room rate. Taxes and airfare costs do not increase for this reason.

Should I consider purchasing travel insurance?
We strongly recommend protecting your cruise investment by purchasing travel insurance. Cancellations happen. Travel protection provides coverage if you have to cancel due to injury, sickness, or death to you, a traveling companion or family member. However, it does not cover unstable, pre-existing conditions. It will also cover you if you have a medical emergency during your trip, or if your baggage is lost or damaged, among other things. If you have not yet booked your cruise, specific insurance information will be made available during the booking process, or if you have already secured your cruise with us, log into your booking to view a copy of the available policy coverage.What does a category guarantee mean?
This guarantees you to have at least the category that you have purchased, with the possibility of an upgrade. If you have chosen this option, you will not receive an exact stateroom number at the time of booking. Typically, the stateroom assignment is made at the pier. However, you may occasionally find out a couple of weeks in advance.

What happens if my flight is delayed for the cruise?
Both the cruise line and airline will work to assist in getting you to the ship. In the event of minor scheduling delays or flight cancellations, speak to the airline first, to find out when you will be able to depart. Then, contact our Customer Service Department, who will alert the cruise line to your situation. If your delay is only minor, we may be able to have the transfer shuttle meet you as planned. For major delays and flight cancellations, the resolutions are determined on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, the airline will fly you to the next port of call. In other instances, the airline may provide hotel accommodations or other options. If you purchased airfare independently of the cruise line, you will need to work directly with the airline. In either case, we recommend advising the airline that you are on your way to meet a cruise ship. The airline may then prioritize you above other passengers. Please consider the purchase of travel insurance, as there may be times when the airline and cruise line cannot help you, but the insurance can.

Why should I book with your company?
There are a number of reasons to book with us. Among them: fast, courteous service with the best rates in the country.Will I need a tuxedo?
On most cruises, a tuxedo is not required, although gentleman should plan on bringing a dark suit in order to attend the formal night(s). If you prefer to dress to the nines, many cruise lines offer tuxedo rentals.

Are there medical services onboard?
Virtually every cruise ship (except for some smaller vessels operating in coastal waters) has a fully equipped medical facility and staff to handle medical emergencies.

Do they have babysitting on board?
Most of the major cruise lines offer babysitting services; however availability can depend on the destination and time of year. Ask your Vacation Consultant to check with the cruise line about the policy in place for the specific cruise you are considering. There is generally a fee for these services.

What are the deposit and final payment requirements?
Deposit requirements will vary by cruise you've selected. Deposits are usually at least $250 per person. In some cases, greater amounts may be required at time of purchase. Final payment requirements also vary depending on the package selected. Due dates range anywhere from 70 days prior to departure to 150 days prior with 70-75 days being the most common.

What is the United States Border Security Act, and what do I need to do to prepare?
The United States Border Security Act is legislation, signed by President George Bush in May 2002, which requires all airlines and cruise lines to collect immigration information from each passenger prior to their cruise to or from the United States. As of March 1, 2003, all cruise lines must electronically report a manifest of all passengers on each cruise prior to their arriving at the port on embarkation day. The manifest includes personal information about each passenger including name, gender, birthday, residence, citizenship, and passport data. Any passengers who have not submitted all the required information before they get to their ship can expect very long delays at the pier. If a passenger does not supply any piece of required data, he may be denied boarding without a refund. The Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) will be standard for all airline and cruise reservations. Your cruise line will include additional information about APIS with your cruise documents, and you will be asked to send or fax this information prior to your cruise.

Should I consider purchasing travel insurance?
Yes, we strongly recommend protecting your vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance. Travel protection provides coverage if you have to cancel due to injury, sickness, or death to you, a traveling companion or immediate family member. It will also cover you if you have a medical emergency during your trip, or if your baggage is lost or damaged, among other things. However, it does not cover pre-existing conditions. Please refer to our insurance link for more detailed information.

When will I receive my cruise documents?
In most cases, documents will be delivered within 10 days of departure date. Documents may be delivered in a variety of ways, including regular mail and email, depending on the type of package you reserve. In some cases, it may not be necessary to receive actual tickets, as e-tickets are sometimes utilized. Once you have secured your reservation, you will receive further details as to how your documents will arrive. If you have a cruise-only reservation, it may be necessary to pick your travel documents up the day of departure at the pier. For reservations that include airfare, you can make arrangements to set up an overnight delivery. The cruise line or tour operator may arrange your reservation to be e-ticketed; in this instance, an email confirmation with your itinerary will be sent to you.

What if I have to cancel?
Cancellation policies vary between cruise lines and they do increase as the travel date approaches. During the reservation process you will be made aware of the cancellation policy for your specific cruise. It’s your responsibility to be familiar with the penalties. In addition to any fees assessed by the cruise line, we do charge an administrative fee for all cancellations.

Will I have cell phone service while at sea?
Norwegian, Orient, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas are the only cruise lines to offer onboard cellular service at present; however more ships are likely to offer the service in the future. In the meantime, in-room telephones and onboard Internet facilities help you stay in touch. Keep in mind however, that such services require additional fees. While internet access is typically reasonable, ship-to-shore phone calls are generally quite pricey.

Are there different classes of service?
Today's cruise ships are "one class." Everyone on board can use all of the ship's facilities. The price of a stateroom is based primarily on its size and location. Regardless of the category you book, you'll enjoy the same courteous service, menus, activities, and entertainment as everyone else on board.

What is an upgrade?
An upgrade is when you purchase a particular room category and receive a more expensive room at no additional cost to you. Upgrades may also be purchased, providing that there is availability in your desired room category.

If I don't purchase airfare through the cruise line, how will I get to the ship from the airport?
Many cruise lines offer transportation from the airport to the pier for their guests. The cost for this service varies, and in most cases, may be paid in advance. Reservations for this service are typically accepted up until approximately 3 weeks prior to your departure, and you may often choose a one-way or round-trip service. The cruise line will need to know your flight itinerary at the time of purchase so that they may coordinate the transfer service. If purchasing the transfers in advance is not an option, you may typically purchase them at the airport on the day of the cruise's departure. To do this, proceed to the baggage claim area and see the cruise line's representative to inquire about being added to their transfer manifest. Guests who do not purchase the transfer service through the cruise line are responsible for their own transportation to and from the pier.

How will I know if there have been changes made to my flight itinerary?
If we have received notification of the schedule change, we will make every effort to contact you with that information. However, there are many instances in which we are not notified of changes in flight schedules. As a result, we highly recommend that you contact the airline prior to departure to reconfirm your flights.

Is it possible to travel while pregnant?
Most cruise lines will allow travel up to 24 weeks of pregnancy; however, each cruise line does set its own policy and they do reserve the right to deny boarding to any passenger who is further along than their policy stipulates. In some instances, a cruise line may require medical documentation indicating fitness to travel. Please contact your Holiday Consultant or our Customer Service department for specifics on terms and conditions.

Can I celebrate a special occasion?
If you'd like to celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon or birthday on the ship, we can have your reservation noted in advance or you can let the maitre d' know once you are on board. Many cruise lines no longer observe these occasions free of charge, so it is best to inquire at the time you finalize your reservation. Most cruise lines also offer honeymoon and anniversary packages at an additional cost.

What's included in my cruise fare?
In most cases, your cruise will include your stateroom, meals in the buffet restaurants and main dining room, entertainment, 24-hour room service, and drinks such as milk, juice, non-specialty coffee, and tea.

What's NOT included in my cruise fare?
Discretionary items, such as specialty restaurants, shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, photographs, gratuities, medical treatment, casino expenditures, spa treatments, shop purchases.

Are cruise itineraries subject to change?
Cruise lines attempt to follow published schedules as closely as possible, yet this is not always feasible. Regrettably, any cruise line reserves the right to change a scheduled itinerary without prior notice. Situations which may call for an itinerary change are strikes, lockouts, weather, riots, and mechanical difficulties, to name a few. Cruise lines are not held legally liable for any loss to guests by cancellation, advancement, deviation, substitution, or postponement. If an itinerary change is necessary, cruise lines may substitute another ship or port of call, and they will always attempt to keep passengers informed of changes.

Why is it so expensive for one person to travel alone?
Cruise lines and resorts base their rates on double occupancy. Therefore, when traveling alone, you will be charged a supplemental fee. Please note that this fee only applies to the room rate, not to taxes and airfare.

What is a shipboard credit (SBC)?
A credit that is posted to your account upon embarkation. It's yours to spend at the spa, in the boutiques, or almost anywhere onboard.

What is a cruise tour?
A cruise combined with a land vacation. The land portion may consist of anything from a hotel stay before or after the cruise to a fully escorted tour and airfare.

What is a shore excursion?
Shore excursions are optional off-shore activities that are offered through the cruise line for an additional fee. They often include transportation to the activity itself, a guide or guides familiar with the area or the particular activity, and sometimes a meal or drinks. Shore excursions can sometimes be reserved in advance of sailing, and they may also be purchased independently of the cruise line if you prefer.

What is a port?
A port is the town or other location at which the ship will stop during the cruise.

What is a tender?
A tender is a small boat that is used to transport passengers ashore in ports where the ship is unable to dock directly. There is no charge for the tender. In some cases, wheelchair-bound passengers may experience challenges when trying to take a tender ashore.

What is Freestyle dining?
In addition to the traditional seating, some cruise lines now offer "freestyle" dining. This provides guests with the flexibility to dine when and with whom they wish. Your seating and table assignment will be confirmed at embarkation. For your convenience, in addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night buffets, many ships also offer complimentary room.

Do all passengers staying in the same stateroom pay the same rate?
No. Generally, cruise lines will charge a set rate for the first and second person in a stateroom, with a discounted amount for the third, fourth, and/or fifth person in a stateroom. This applies to the cruise fare only, as all passengers are charged the same rate for port taxes and government fees.

What is the drinking age onboard ship?
Although most ships travel in International waters, the rule of thumb is that the drinking age aboard ship is contingent upon the drinking age at the Port of Departure. Always check with your Holiday Consultant or Customer Service before sailing if you have any concerns regarding the drinking age.

What types of beverages are included in my cruise fare?
Non-bottled water, coffee, tea, and juice are generally included in your cruise fare. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are not included in the cruise fare, and in most cases, a 15% gratuity will be added to your bill when ordering these beverages.

Are there ways to save money on children's beverages?
Yes. Most cruise lines offer the option to purchase a "soda card" or "soda package" for a set fee.

Is there a dress code for dinner?
On most cruises, there are three types of evening attire: Casual, Smart-Casual or Business-Casual, and Formal. Casual attire would be dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men; Smart- or Business-Casual would be dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men; and Formal would be long or short cocktail dresses, dark suits or tuxedos for men

Will there be wheelchair accessibility?
The newer, larger cruise ships have been built with the goal of full accessibility, including wider corridors, more spacious cabins, more (and larger) elevators and ramps where needed. In addition, the designated "wheelchair-accessible" cabins on newer ships are outfitted with many features that will make your cruise a more comfortable experience. Many older ships may be more challenging to the wheelchair-bound cruiser, as there are often raised sills several inches high in many doorways or steps in the entries to some public areas. Corridors may be narrower and elevators smaller, allowing less room for maneuverability. In fact, some areas of older ships may be completely inaccessible to the wheelchair-bound traveler. Additionally, you'll want to consider whether the ship is going to be able to dock directly at the port, or whether tenders (small boats) will be utilized to transport passengers to shore. Most cruise lines will require a release form and/or a statement from your physician stating that you are fit to travel. They may also request confirmation that you require a wheelchair-accessible cabin.

How can I contact family/friends back home if I need to?
The most economical way to communicate with friends and family back home is via email. Many cruise ships offer internet service for a nominal fee, so it's likely that you'll be able to send a message if you'd like to. Some cruises lines have started to offer onboard cellular service as well, and of course there are regular in-room telephones as well. However, keep in mind that ship-to-shore phone calls are exorbitantly expensive.

Will I have internet access during my cruise?
Many cruise lines now feature Internet Cafes onboard, where you can surf the Web and send and receive emails. There is a charge for this service, and the per-minute rates vary by cruise line.

Are there non-smoking areas onboard?
Yes. Today, virtually all ships have smoking and non-smoking tables and/or sections in the dining rooms and lounges. Dining rooms on many of the major cruise lines today are totally smoke-free.

What are shore excursions?
Shore excursions are optional off-shore activities that are offered through the cruise line for an additional fee. They often include transportation to and from the activity itself, a guide or guides familiar with the area or the particular activity, and sometimes may include a meal, snack or drinks.

Is it better to purchase shore excursions in advance?
If you have a specific adventure in mind, then absolutely! Shore excursions, particularly popular ones, tend to fill up quickly. We recommend familiarizing yourself with what planned activities each port of call has to offer, prior to your departure. Pre-reserving your excursions will ensure that you are able to take part in the activities you have your heart set on, and it'll also relieve you of having to fuss with reservations for tours during your cruise.

What if I need over-the-counter medicine?
Many types of medication may not be readily available either aboard ship or in ports of call. Commonly used medication may be purchased at the office of the ship's doctor.

How should I transport my personal medications?
Please carry any medication in its original bottle. It is recommended that medication be carried in your pocket or purse so that it will be available when needed, as checked luggage may not be accessible at all times. If you take any prescription drugs, vitamins or other medication on a regular basis, you should bring an adequate supply with you. Many types of medication may not be readily available either aboard ship or in ports of call. Commonly used medication may be purchased at the office of the ship's doctor.
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