Asia and the Middle East

Medical tourism packages are considered a standard in Asian Medical Tourism making the overall package cost-effective and customer friendly. Most major hospitals in Asia catering to international patients can help you with transportation, accommodation arrangements, interpreters and even Visa and insurance.

Thailand: leads the Asian countries in the number of medical tourist arrivals every year-more than a million-coming from all over the world.

India: with modern facilities being built and an abundance of highly trained medical personnel comes in a close second with half a million medical tourist arrivals every year.

Singapore: although slightly more expensive than its neighboring countries, Singapore has one of the best health systems in the world and is a favorite destination among Asians and Australians.

Malaysia: offers excellent facilities and competitive prices and draws mostly medical travelers from neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Singapore.

Turkey: is an attractive choice for Europeans and Arab visitors, with the highest numbers of JCI accredited hospitals and it's proximity to Europe.

Other health tourism destinations in Asia include Israel, Philippines, Jordan and Lebanon.


Medical Tourism in Europe has grown tremendously in the past decade, as Europeans from the richer countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Ireland and Netherlands seek affordable private healthcare in Eastern Europe. Cheap flights, open borders and all inclusive packages cause this market to grow every year.

Spain: health system has excellent reputation, making it a favorite destination for people from UK and Ireland for procedures ranging from face peel to complicated neurosurgery. 

Turkey: which was mentioned earlier, is on the border of Europe and Asia, and is fast becoming a destination of choice for eye care, orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery and many other medical procedures? 

Germany: has an excellent healthcare system, and is considered a top destination for patients from the Middle East, UK and the United States who looking for high quality medical care.

Hungary: is a preferred destination mainly for Dental tourism, cosmetic procedures, hair restoration etc. 

Poland: offers dental, cosmetic procedures and orthopedic surgery at prices much lower than in Western Europe. 

Other medical tourism destinations in Europe include Malta, Croatia, Portugal, Austria and Greece. 


South Africa is the leading medical tourism destination in Africa, having the best healthcare system south of the Sahara. It attracts patients from other African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania, as well as some America and European patients.

The concept of medical tourism is appealing to anyone who is interested in high quality and affordable healthcare. The medical tourism phenomenon is gaining popularity and the number of people going abroad for treatment increases rapidly every year.

With many medical tourism benefits, advancements in technology and improvements in healthcare standards within developing countries, it is likely that the advantages of medical tourism will provide a striking economical solution to many healthcare problems.

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